Agency System Integration Kit for Agency Interface

The Agency System Integration Kit built on Connect5® (formerly known as AgencyConnect™) is your solution to interfacing simply, cleanly and seamlessly with agency systems.

Whether you're dealing with agency management systems or comparative raters, the Agency System Integration Kit is a gateway for all agency interface transactions. One that transforms and normalizes data coming in and gives carriers a consistent ACORD XML output.

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Policy Upload

With the Agency System Integration Kit, agents can upload to you directly from their management systems.

Comparative Rating

Simplified integration with comparative raters offers your agents real time quoting.

The Agency System Integration Kit and Turnstile

The Agency System Integration Kit and Turnstile work together to automate ACORD application intake.


  • New business, inquiry, endorsements and claims
  • Rich agency system mappings library
  • Single entry to upload, bridging and real-time rating
  • Elimination of keying into multiple systems
  • Advanced data normalization, validation and corrections
  • Agent gap analysis capability
  • Simple set-up
  • Third-party service compatibility
  • ACORD standards-based
  • More than 60 projects across 50 states

Impact for Carriers

  • Reduced agent rekeying
  • Time and cost savings
  • Agent adoption and loyalty
  • Statistical insight to gauge agent satisfaction/productivity

Agency System Integration Kit Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about how the Agency System Integration Kit can help plug your company into agency management systems and comparative raters.


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